SwapWin 0.2

Swap monitors in one click


  • Works with just a click
  • Quick and effective
  • No installation required


  • Only swaps active windows

Very good

SwapWin is a seriously small application that allows people who work with dual monitors to seamlessly swap between the two screens.

Normally, working with two monitors involves actively working on one while referring to the other. If you want to swap the two screens around, however, it usually involves a bit of manual resizing and dragging and dropping. SwapWin avoids this problem by doing the job automatically in just one click.

SwapWin really is very simple. It is a small executable with no configuration options at all – a double click swaps your active windows, and another one swaps them back again. There’s really nothing more to it, but if you are a regular user of a dual monitor, it’s a handy little tool to have.

SwapWin is a simple tool for swapping the contents of dual monitors.



SwapWin 0.2

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